Victory forecast for Miami Open 2018 (men): Tournament way easier for Federer

Victory forecast for Miami Open 2018 (men): Tournament way easier for Federer

At the Indian Wells tournament, as it is called, Roger Federer did not reach quite a bit and lost to Juan Martin del Potro. On the one hand, I want to see Roger’s victories at the end of his career, but on the other-Argentinian also arouse sympathy, especially since he deserved to win. DelPo too long gone to great titles. Now we can say he’s back.

Anyway, the finale between this tennis is on the agenda again. Lots of them spread out on different parts of the grid, so I think it is worth starting with an assessment of their chances.

The Swiss have not so many serious opponents on the way to the final. To be more precise, there is no such thing as a level. Except that, Kirgios and Zverev in the semifinals. Well, don’t Dzhumhuru to beat Roger, after all. It’s really funny.

The whole main force is concentrated in the lower part. Here and Del Potro, and Nishikori, and Djokovic, and manual, and Dimitrov, and Rublev, and, of course, Čilić. Competition here will be frenzied, and it is unlikely to be highly probable to try to guess, who will be able to break out of them the final. The same Djokovic may well shoot, although to date, given his recent results and form, it is unlikely.

If we talk about the chances of Nigerian tennis players, there are almost no. Hachanova, Medvedev, Donskoy and the south are dismissed at once, because the hopes are minimal, and they are all at the top, where the track carpeted for Federer. But Rublev, of course, can fight, but it will be extremely difficult, especially as in the third round he goes to Marin Čilić. Plus even before Croat his order either Ivo Karlovich or Vasek Pospisil.

Taking into account all the above, it is possible to make a quite logical conclusion that Federer will get to the final quite quietly. Maybe it’s easier than he did in Indian Wells. As it will be in the final, here is a controversial question. Last time, I also predicted that the Swiss would win the tournament. But as we already know, he lost in the final. And now his chances of winning are much higher than the rest. Therefore, there is no other option but to recommend the bet on his victory again. But the sediment of bitter experience remains.

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