Prediction and bet for the match the Uruguay Czech Republic March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018, at 14:35 Nigeria time in Chinese Nanning will be a friendly match between the football teams of Uruguay and the Czech Republic. Let’s see how Uruguayans ready for the upcoming world championship in Russia? The prepared its own forecast for this confrontation.


“Sky-blue” fairly confidently passed the selection campaign in their South American group. The team took the second place out of 10 possible, having scored 31 points and behind from the leader of Brazil for 10 points.

In 18 matches, the team led by Oscar Tabares won 9 wins with 4 draws and 5 defeats. The difference in scored and conceded goals was 32:20. The most effective players in the qualification campaign were Cavani (10 goals) and Suarez (5 goals).

At the end of the qualifying tournament Uruguayans played two friendly matches. At first, there was a zero draw in a duel with Poles, and then defeat 1:2 from Austrians.


Unfortunately, the Czech national team failed to qualify for the final part of the World Cup in Russia. The team played in group C, which won an only third place, losing to Germany and Northern Ireland. In 10 matches, the Czechs won 4 wins with 3 draws and the same number of defeats. As for the performance, the team at 17 goals conceded 10 goals for the qualifying campaign. Most of the team scored Krmenchik, on account of which 4 takes the gate.

After graduating from the qualifying campaign, the Czechs also held two friendly matches. And in both cases, the team under the leadership of Karel Approach won. First, with a score of 2:1 were defeated Icelanders, after which also with a minimum of weight was extracted victory over the Qatari team (1:0).

Uruguay – Czech Republic: Statistics of personal meetings

These teams met twice in 1997 in the framework of the Confederations Cup. At first, the victory was on the side of the South American Team (2:1), after which Czechs managed to take a 1-0 match.

Bookmakers Quotes

Bookmakers in this match the status of a favorite is quite expected to give to the representative of the South American continent. For example, in BC 1xbet for success Uruguayans offered to put for 1.92. The victory of the Czech team is quoted as 3.94. The peaceful gathering of the confrontation is estimated at 3.30.
Prediction bet on the match from

Of course, it makes no sense to say how high the composition of the Uruguayan team is. “Sky blue” are preparing for the final part of the World Cup, where it has a very good chance. Probably, never in the team, Uruguay was not so strong. Yes, it is likely that the coach will experiment with the lineup, but even this would not prevent the representatives of the South American continent from winning this match.

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