Prediction and bet on the match West Bromwich — Burnley on 31 March 2018

31 March at 17:00 GMT West Bromwich will “Burnley” to “West Bromwich” in the framework of the 32nd round of the English Premier League.

West Brom

“West Brom” now leaves only one question: in what round will feature the breakup of this command with the submarine? Of course, the Albion always fight until the end, and a couple of inspiring stories about the miraculous spring is salvation. But there is not the slightest signals that would indicate that the baggies can still fly. In January, it was inspiring cut, but then cut off completely. After a draw with Everton is still the 20th of January, “West Bromwich” not gaining points at all: 7 losses in a row and confident 20-th place with 20 points. Had a chance to go on a break of the game teams on the positive end: Rodriguez, scoring his 5th goal, opened the scoring in the away match with “Bournemouth”, but the 89-th minute scored the win. It is noteworthy that no one dismisses clearly lost Alan Pardew — you know that no good?


Burnley’s last season got rid of reputation a lift between divisions. Now “claritone” swung more. At the end of one of the tours a modest club even in the Champions League four wandered, but everyone knew that it was just an episode (although after the story of “Lester”…), and as it turned out — wards expressive Sean DISHA fell back into the table. And here is another fight for the unofficial title of the “rest of England”, the best team outside of the six giants continues. It seemed that Burnley’s lost his game, because from mid-December did not manage to win, 11 rounds. But first, the Manager took a few draws, including Manchester city, and in March “claritone” returned to the path of victories, beating Everton “West ham” and back to 7th place.

The odds on the match

Bookmaker Pari-Match is very careful with their assumptions. They put almost equal quotes on victory of both clubs, giving a slight preference for playing at home the players, “West Bromwich”. Perhaps because “Burnley” to the enemy: 3 wins and 2 draws in last 5 matches. Do not wait and heads for the “total greater than 2.0” put a lot of 1.81.

Prediction and bet of

“Burnley” gets her through the game from defense to punish the enemy fascinated. “West Bromwich”, too, points were taken in a similar style, but they don’t have time to sit back, place in the EPL will save only a series of victories. “Claritone” able to use the forced adventure of the hosts, scoring at least a couple of goals.

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